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Meaning Behind KAMAKI

Thomas Duarte Sr. was the patriarch of our family. A man that embodied work ethic, had vision beyond his time, believed in the value of land, and whose generosity and ethics have been, and continue to be, foundational for generations in our family. The word Kamaki is the Hawaiian translation of the English name Thomas. This project is a tribute to our grandfather, the life he lived, and the life and opportunities he has gifted us in beautiful Holualoa. 

A Little About Us



I'm Hailey, the one behind all of our various media channels and your point of contact for anything regarding Kamaki Place. As a family, the five of us all work together and take on many projects with one another. We all play our own roles in bringing each project to completion, but doing things as a family makes each project more meaningful. Kamaki Place is so beautiful, special, and made to be enjoyed by many. This particular project and space means a lot to us for many different reasons and we hope to share this space and home for others to also love, appreciate, and make lifetime memories here like we have! 

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